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Class Descriptions

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POLE TECHNIQUES - Beginner Level 1 (1 Hour Class)

This class is perfect for those that have never been to a class or for those who just want to polish their skills. No routine is taught in this class. Instead this class will break down all of the basic skills that build our beginner level routines including movement around the pole, transitions, hand positioning, and spin basics. There will be SHORT FOCUSED combinations of the techniques taught in each class, so that you can come out confident and ready to take on a full routine.

POLE DANCE FITNESS- Beginner Level 2 (1 Hour Class)

In each session, we will start with a unique warm up using Hula Hoops, weighted fitness balls, floor exercises and more. This is crucial to get your heart and muscles ready for a workout on the pole and to avoid any injuries or strains. We use techniques that will tone your body and increase flexibility, core strength and endurance. Our instructors will then teach you a dance routine that includes spins and pole techniques taught to the hottest music We teach a different dance routine every 2 weeks.

POLE DANCE ONLY- Beginner Level 2 (1 Hour Class)

Learn routines and work on spins in this POLE ONLY class. We still warm up and cool down, but we've cut out all the other fitness exercises. This class is a great supplement class for those who already have a fitness routine. Classes are each one hour long including 15 minutes of warm up, 40 minutes of dancing and 5 minutes of cool down. We teach a different dance routine every 2 weeks.

POLE DANCE- Intermediate Level (1 Hour Class)

This class teaches more challenging techniques for cardio and strengthening necessary to get off the ground. These classes provide the building blocks needed to perform the advanced inversions taught in our ADVANCED level class.  This class is recommended for those who have taken our Beginner level classes or with prior pole experience.

POLE PLAY- Intermediate Level 2/ Advance Level (1 Hour Class)

This class is different from our Intermediate classes because YOU decided what you will learn! This is more of a student led class rather than structured format like Intermediate levels 1 & 2. Bring videos and pictures, and we will play with how to get in and out of the tricks that you pick!

Prerequisite- Students taking this class must be very comfortable in most intermediate level 2 tricks and combinations and/or at an advanced level.

INSANITY (1 Hour Class)

You've seen the infomercials now come and try the latest fitness craze. This is interval training with lots of cardio. Our own INSANITY certified instructor Heather will be leading this max interval training workout. You work flat out in 3 to 5-minute blocks, and take breaks only long enough to gulp some air and get right back to work. Cardio is the best thing to shape your body.

PIYO (1 Hour Class)

You'll use your body weight to perform a series of continuous, targeted moves, to burn fat as you redefine every single muscle. No weights. No jumps. Just hardcore results.You can get sleek, long arms; sexy, flat abs; a tight, lifted butt; and the confidence that comes from knowing you're at your best!


Learn to turn yourself upside down with modern Chinese Pole Acrobatics! Use a pole as traditional circus apparatus in this serious core and upper body workout for all skill levels. Get personal instruction in proper forms and techniques to get horizontal and vertical. Learn to impress your friends anywhere there are stop signs! $15 per class. This is a coed class.


Our Aerial Silks class is an introduction into the world of aerial acrobatics. Within this hour-long class, students will learn the basic building blocks needed to be any type of aerialist, along with beginner climbs, drops, and poses, as well as conditioning techniques used for increasing muscle, strength and stamina. $20 per class

CARDIO BLAST (1/2 Hour Class)

Burn fat, increase metabolism, build endurance and muscle in our 30 minute Cardio Blast class. Nonstop intervals of strength, power, resistance, and ab and core training moves are followed by short periods of rest in this class designed to be a supplement to our Pole classes.

CHAIR TEASE (1/2 Hour Class)

Learn a sexy chair dance, build confidence and get a great workout.  All fitness and experience levels are welcome. New dance routine taught every week.

HOOP FIT (1/2 Hour Class)

Thought hula hooping was just for kids? Not in this class! We’ve turned hooping into a hard core workout for your entire body. Using our weighted fitness hoops you’ll twirl your way to a slimmer waistline in no time. Our weighted hoops are available in our boutique.  

OPEN STUDIO (1/2 Hour Practice)

Don’t have a pole at home to practice on? Have questions about a spin or routine? The drop by one our Open Studio practice times. An instructor will be present to answer questions, but we will not be teaching a routine.

FLEXIBILITY (1/2 Hour Class)

This class is perfect for students who want to increase flexibility, prevent injury and cut down on muscle tension. Students will be utilizing Therabands to help lengthen the muscles while being coached on how to get deeper into each stretch.

POLE POWER (1/2 Hour Class)

Don't under estimate the power of cross training! It prevents injury and promotes workout efficiency. This 30-minute cardio class is sure to get you sweating! It is meant to build cardiovascular stamina and burn calories through a circuit of exercises including light agility & plyometric movements to engage those fast twitch muscles, as well as sculpt lean muscles with weighted exercises. Building cardiovascular strength will enhance your pole fitness performance, allowing you to target  many of the same muscles you use during pole dancing in a different way.

*This class does not use the pole. Athletic shoes are recommended.


This 30-minute class is meant to help you tone and strengthen those oh-so-important pole dance muscles! This class will use exercises on the floor, with the pole (not on it), weights, hula hoops, and stability balls to isolate and strengthen each muscle group. The workout is designed to prepare the body for many of the movements that are found in both our beginner and intermediate classes. This class is a great partner to Pole Power for a TOTAL body workout that will enhance your pole dancing skills!

*We will not be dancing on the poles, but may use them as equipment. Athletic shoes are recommended.

(2 Hour Workshop)

Want to diversify your dancing? Join Stephanie, one of our resident instructors for our brand new Belly Dance Pole Fusion workshop! This 2hr workshop will consist of a warm-up, isolations, technique breakdown (including shimmys and undulations), layering, combinations and fusion choreography. Come have fun, get a great workout, and walk away with a sultry new skill set that can be incorporated into your dance repertoire!

(2 Hour Workshop)

Wow your partner with scintillating moves and sparkling confidence. This 2-hour workshop introduces the basic building blocks of a Burlesque routines including specific dance movements, The 3 Ps of clothing removal, selecting strip-able clothing and music that moves you. Bump, grind, shimmy and strut your way to a whole new level of hotness!


Ready to bring your moxie to the stage? Students in the second 2-hour workshop of the Burly Series will learn a simple routine to show off their stuff. Students who desire may perform at Cabaret de Caliente, Thursday February 14 at Aubergine, Sebastopol.. Performance is not required to take part in this workshop. Ladies who do wish to perform at Cabaret de Caliente are encouraged to attend the follow-up rehearsal.


During this workshop, you will learn how to "base" as well as "fly" with your partner. We will stretch and condition as a team, and I ask that you wear shorts if possible as it will get toasty! You do not need to bring a partner with you, although you are welcome to sign up with someone you would like to learn doubles with. You will learn how to pull up into doubles, poses with your partner, and how to descent.


Dusters, robes, capes, fabric of any kind can all set flight in your fingertips. Master the art of cape-work with Isis Starr the original material girl, she can spin anything that has a natural flow. In this workshop you will learn to handle material in a way that will allow it to flow around your body with ease and grace and elegance. You will bring a duster, piece of fabric, cape or something you want to learn to handle with grace. You will also learn what materials work better than others. Isis will demonstrate arm movements that will get material flowing and spinning. You will learn what to do and what not to do. This is a workshop for all levels.


Get in touch with your sensual side and learn the sultry art of chair dancing with our resident chair instructor Melina. Come rediscover the feminine power we all have inside of us. You'll enjoy this exciting and creative way to workout which doesn't require any special equipment. Impress your significant other with all you've learned in just 2 hours.

STRIPPER STYLE POLE- (2 Hour Workshop)

This class is dedicated to the roots of pole dancing: Stripper Style. However, there will be no actual stripping in this workshop, it will simply emphasize moves typically only found in gentlemen’s clubs. There will be some floor work and intermediate level (can be modified for beginner level students) pole moves taught and then combined to make a short routine. Please bring your high heels or boots, and wear whatever makes you feel sexy and is appropriate for pole tricks



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